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Proper nutrition is the key to unlock your body's full potential as an athlete.

We are Board Certified Sports Dietitians and we can help you conquer cramping, overcome poor fueling and hydration habits, and provide a game plan that is specific for your sport. 


We teach you the right ways to fuel and hydrate, before, during and after training and competition, and how to optimize your everyday diet.   


Triangle Nutrition Therapy  works with all ages and levels ranging from casual weekend warriors, to college, olympic and professional athletes.

Individual Counseling:


In network with BCBS and Cigna 

and Aetna

Team or Group Sessions:


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Hydration Issues

Learn what, when, and  how to hydrate before, during, or after events. This can make them perform slower, experience cramping, and possibly heat illness.


Learn what foods to eat and  when, to avoid feeling  exhausted and wiped out despite all of  your training.

Loss of Lean Muscle Tissue

Athletes may often feel weak because there are not enough nutrients to cover all of their activity. 

Difficulty Gaining Muscle Mass

Athletes may find it difficult to gain muscle despite following a weight training program.   We can show you the exact steps to take to gain lean muscle mass. 

Supplement Confusion

Supplements can help or hurt you. Many athletes are quick to turn to supplements and have no idea what they are really taking. We preach supplement safety and teach you which ones to use and which ones are dangerous or ineffective. 

Sports Beverages, Bars, and Gels 

These items are abundantly available, but many athletes do not know which products are superior, which ones are  inferior  and when to consume which product.

Recovery Nutrition

Recovery  nutrition is arguably as important as your training, yet it is often ignored. Athletes need to recover, replenish, rehydrate, refuel, and repair in order to be ready for the next training session or competition.