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We provide essential nutrition interventions for conditions such as Crohn's,  Hashimoto's, hypothyroidism, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, gastrointestinal issues, PCOS, anxiety, and more. We focus on the root causes of your condition to help restore health.

Expecting a Sibling


We know how scary a diagnosis of gestational diabetes can be. We are here to reassure you  and learn how to easily navigate this condition. We will teach you how and when to check your blood sugar, your ideal number ranges, and how to eat to stabilize your blood sugar levels when your pregnancy hormones are going crazy.  

We also counsel on general nutrition during pregnancy, including what are the best supplements to take to support you and your baby.

Sports nutrition


Tracy is a Board Certified Sports Dietitian that provides cutting edge sports nutrition strategies for professional, college and elite high school athletes. She also helps active adult athletes learn how to optimize performance. Tracy works individually with athletes or with teams so the entire team can learn fueling strategies together. Contact for team price.

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The days of guessing are long gone. Lab testing allows us to provide targeted nutrition recommendations. During an initial consult, we can provide recommendations on which tests would be most beneficial for you, if any, depending on your goals. 

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Cooking Eggs


Whether you need to lose, gain, or maintain weight, we help you overcome barriers in achieving your goals. We'll work with you to determine the best intervention for your lifestyle and health history. 

corporate nutrition


We will come to you! We provide dynamic, unique, and fun nutrition presentations on topics of your choice. 


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