How Do You Know if You Are Deficient in Vitamins and Minerals?

If Vitamins are Vital and Minerals are Essential for Life, Should Your Levels Be Tested?

Vitamins and minerals are micronutrients that are critical because they have numerous functions to complete to keep you healthy, free of diseases and poor health. You must consume vitamins and minerals because your body cannot manufacture them. If they are so critical and essential, why aren't your levels ever checked?

Wait a minute, you had your physical and were told your numbers were "FINE"... so they were checked at your check up, right?! Well, your doctor is not checking your nutrient status when they check your blood, they are checking your blood to see if you are sick. They are looking for signs of illness, not wellness. Now keep in mind, that is a good thing that they are checking your blood for markers that may indicate you have problems with your kidneys, or liver, immune system, and more! You absolutely want your doctor to take care of you in that manner.

However, it is also extremely beneficial to have your micronutrient status, checked as well, because if we find deficiencies with specific vitamins and minerals, we can potentially prevent disease, rather than finding it once it has hit you at full force. In doing so, we are practicing "upstream" medicine. Literally, we can help you to be proactive, and reactive. Also, the best nutrient testing is done by looking inside your cells, not in the blood or the serum. After all, these nutrients do their job IN the cells, NOT in the blood.

Here are just a few examples of nutrients and how they affect your body:

  • Deficiencies in vitamin D, iron, vitamin A, and selenium, just to name a few can cause hypothyroidism, even if you are taking hypothyroid medication.

  • Vitamin D deficiencies can affect athletic performance by decreasing strength and velocity.

  • Vitamin B6 deficiencies can cause problems with depression, sleep, anxiety and fatigue.

  • CoQ10 deficiencies can cause problems with blood pressure, mitral valve prolapse, and mental fatigue.

We have a test by Spectracell Labs that does just that for you. It tests for 35 different vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, shows you your levels and then what you can do to correct those levels. Have you ever had your nutrients in your blood tested? Start today, it is so easy and convenient, you don't have to fast for this test. Start today to nourish yourself and your health by sending us an email to find out how to get the process started.

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